James Harrison Injury

Colt McCoy keeps concussion on Bob Harrison hit, Dimly lit colors lecturer methods selection handling of damaged QB

BEREA, Oh - Dimly lit colors lecturer Pat Shurmur involved his squad's handling of qb Colt McCoy’s go worry in a decrease to Pittsburgh.

McCoy lengthy a concussion from a horrible helmet-to-helmet hit from Playing linebacker Bob Harrison in it all 1 / 4 Exclusive. McCoy was greater for two functions by duplicate Seneca Wallace before coming in and area an interception. Shurmur said McCoy just didn't established any symptoms of a concussion until after the game.

Shurmur is relaxing the Browns’ medical staff followed the NFL’s powerful recommendations on go reduction when they reviewed McCoy on the part-time. McCoy skilled Shurmur “he was ready to go” before going again in. Shurmur was adament that if McCoy had been symptomatic “he would not have gone again in the game — definitely not.”

Shurmur said McCoy did not established any symptoms of having a concussion until he was developing the locker area.

League connect Greg Aiello was preferred in an e-mail if the Dimly lit colors followed technique.

“We will review it with the collection,” he responded.

Before McCoy went again into the game, Shurmur said the second-year QB skilled him “I’m ready to go.”

Shurmur needs the Dimly lit colors, who have had several people sustain concussions over the last two circumstances, abided by the league’s recommendations on go reduction.

“I genuine comprehension very relaxing that if he was not able to training we would have stopped him,” Shurmur said. “I can guarantee everyone that we followed technique.”

Browns limited end Ben Watson and fullback Owen Marecic both gradually progressively gradually eventually left the game with concussions.

McCoy’s dad, Kaira, skilled the Significant Company that his son should not have gone again in the game. He said his son imagined nauseated and “didn’t even know who he was.”

Shurmur said McCoy did not say he imagined ill and provided with down down all the necessary tests to be normally to come again to the game.

“I’m the dad of a qb,” Shurmur said. “I viewpoint the viewpoint.”

Shurmur did not criticize Harrison’s hit, and involved he had profitable ideas but did not want to discuss them unhampered. Before interval of your energy and effort of your energy and effort, Harrison damaged Dimly lit colors big awesome cool gadgets Mohamed Massaquoi and Joshua Cribbs out of the game with visitors to the suspensions. Harrison was ticketed $75,000 for the go to to Massaquoi.

McCoy also skilled a bruised left-hand.


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