Colt Mccoy Wife

Colt McCoy's wife: You can't anticipate children 'to say no to no cost stuff'
The lover of former Tx qb Colt McCoy may have accidentally introduced about some problems for the Longhorns baseball software.

Rachel McCoy known as into Colin Cowherd's ESPN stereo audio well-known popular music music well-known popular music display Exclusive to discuss the routines experiencing stage athletics sports athletics sports sports athletes. She talked about people providing foods and other describes.

"Regularly, it's just foods. Individuals Tx are just being useful, and they don't mean anything by it at all," she said. "They don't really identify, I don't think, most of it is a breach. Tx is very highly effective about developing it clear all their people you take definitely nothing. I don't care if it's a hot dog, a soda pop pop pop pop pop, anything. That's just the typical things."

She chuckled that her biggest competition wasn't from other women, but from the 40-year old men that preferred to see her man and offer benefits.

"You have to go after these men who have responsibilities and think about these kids," Rachel McCoy said. "It doesn't situation if these men come from nothing or if the men come from near near close relatives that have everything. You can not foresee 19, 20-year-old kids to say no to free stuff when they're in level. "

And she later involved this nugget about people important businesses.

"Colt did not himself have as much discussion, I don't think," she said. "I know he was approached quite a bit, but you know how Colt is, he can just kind of rejuvenating it off and just kind of change on and not go down that road, but I saw so many of his teammates who just, they maybe didn't have some of that self-control just to be able to say no to somebody. I can't. That's not my personality, I don't want to damage people ideas."

While articles are not unanticipated and don't reveal any particular rule-breaking, it will be interesting to see if it attracts the understanding of the NCAA.


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