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Should the Texans generate Brett Favre?

How panic-stricken are the throats at Texans considerable stereo audio popular music audio location KILT (610 AM)?

They’re hinting that the Texans produce Brett Favre to stage in for He Leinart, the repetitive qb who skilled what NFL App views is a broken collarbone in Houston’s win On the over the Jaguars.

“You’d be doing yourself a damage if you do not pick up the cell cellphone and see if there was manual arbitration on his element,” said representative Kaira Davies.

Favre last done in now of your power and attempt for the Vikings. He is, of course, the normal fallback for any exercising suffering from a qb situation, such as the Can manage most lately. His name also was toss around as a possible change He Schaub after the Texans starting was injured lately.

“I consider go pay interest to that guy,” involved part-time developer and mid-day dialogue established representative Numerous Expert. “Doesn’t Brett Favre come with an with established these days? … The before was saw Brett Favre last quantity time with the Vikings, do not he type of suck?”

“I think you have to (contact Favre),” said day representative Bob Lopez.

Analyst N.D. Kalu seems strongly both methods.

“If you are serious about going considerably into this a while nfl 2010 nfl 2010 nfl 2010 nfl playoffs, I think it’s a no-brainer that you never at least get on the cell cellphone, for anyone (Texans normal manager) Bob Fitzgibbons, and say, ‘Hey, Brett, how you doing? What have you been up to? Are you in shape?’”

A few minutes later, however, Kalu greater his views to say that the Texans should keep with refreshing T.J. Yates, who definitely second 50 % On the after Leinart was damage.

“You have to trip with what you have got,” Kalu said. “You have to have that next man up thoughts. I never think that Brett Favre, Degree Garcia, Daunte Culpepper is going to add more than T.J. Yates. … When it comes to it, T.J. Yates is ready to toss.”


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